If the Noah family is so accepting then why is it that I, Neah Walker

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so i started playing DMMD

This is never not funny

my exact reaction

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//Today was the longest I’ve been on in a while, so it was a good day~

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bunnybookman49said: [Text] Can you come pick me up? May have been drinking and may have also punched out a guy for talking shit.




[Text] On my way. Out of curiosity, what did the person say?



Tyki’s eyes widened at that, he was shocked and touched by what Lavi had just said. “Oh, little bunny,” he murmured, and hugged Lavi closer to him. “Thank you for defending me. That makes me very happy.”

'Even though what that person said was correct,' he thought to himself.

Still out of it, Lavi hiccuped again.  
"I’m tired.  Wanna sleep wif you."

Tyki smiled, and picked Lavi up bridal style, figuring he wasn’t sober enough to walk straight, and started walking. “As you wish, little bunny.”

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Anonymoussaid: *whining*

"I do not wish to be eaten."

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this is what gou looks like when she ogles naked men


this is what rin looks like when he looks at haru


#that gay ass wind must be in the family (x)

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Anonymoussaid: You taste good. *nom nom nom*

Pushes anon away. “Please don’t.”

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power-to-choosesaid: Tyki walked a bit shakily to where he was supposed to be meeting Emilio, holding a hand to his arm to stop the blood flow there. He stopped were the Italian was seated on a bench, and all but collapsed beside him. "Olá...menino..." he panted out. //hope this is okay ><




"Ah, Tyki?!"

Aw jeez, how did this happen? Emilio springs up to at least grab the taller male and help him into sitting down. There was blood, and Emilio had already left his stuff in a room in the inn just behind them. He moves the Portuguese man’s one good arm around his neck, holding him around the waist as he starts walking.

"Aahh, how did this happen?" he asks as he starts leading Tyki to the inn across the street. "Will have to clean and stitch this."


"Weird way to start off the day, ma I am getting the hug I deserve… in a weird way.”

Admittedly, he was in a bad mood while sitting on the bench in the cold. He felt like a good hug to warm him up was much needed. While he’s still cold, he can’t help but feel like he was warming up being near the other.

"Ah, is that so?" he asked, chuckling as well. "Then I’m glad I could be of assistance."

Then, Tyki realized that he might have kept Emilio waiting in the cold for quite some time while he was dealing with the exorcists who attacked him, and felt a bit remorseful. “I’m sorry if I kept you waiting. I would have been there sooner, but…” he trailed off.

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Anonymoussaid: *lick*


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